Welcome to The Loose Pen

I welcome all of you to this blog that will occupy you with short stories that tell the escapades of my pen that always slips free of my tether by my shirt pocket. I have attempted to grasp it and keep it controlled by my hand, but it always escapes my firm grip and wander about in adventure.

And what can I do to this old friend of mine that has stayed even when all leave me? After all, his stories are always interesting, humorous and hint on controversial and topical issues, I decided to be generous and share out these tales of adventure into the human world.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that there is a poet in The Loose Pen and so would like to welcome all of you to his poetry too. If you are a lover of poetry, be ready to enjoy. If you have not been a lover of poetry, be ready to fall in love.

And if anything is misinformed or appears to be offensive in any way, I beg to be pardoned and on that matter caution that I only quote the tales of my “loose pen”. Just excuse him…he’s just a pen! I wish all of you a blessed journey through the series of these tales. Don’t forget to comment and share with friends. Thank you and be blessed!